St. Joe’s and Benton Harbor.  As seen in Southwest Michigan.

Sand Castles: What dreams are made of, by Charles Parks. Placed in 1989 in memory of Whirlpool founder Frederick S. Upton. Upton’s great granddaughter is supermodel Kate Upton. I wondered whether the girl depicted here was Kate Upton, but she wasn’t born until 1992.

Respect the Shield. In honor of the law enforcement officers who lost their lives in Berrien County.

The Seeker. With Man’s Best Friend. St. Joe’s.

Spirit of the American Doughboy, by E.M. Visquesney, 1930. This is St. Joes’ World War I memorial.

You Are Here. Downtown St Joe’s.

Blue Staura, by Micki LeMieux. Benton Harbor.

How the world would look without lighthouses. I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be taken at night for full effect. St. Joe’s.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Aimee Mann had a great song called Humpty Dumpty, but that is neither here nor there.

Brammall Made. As seen at Brammall Supply Company, Benton Harbor. This is within the Benton Harbor Arts District, an effort to beautify the neglected community.

“Wherever you see more hate than love, you will inevitably see more mediocrity than genius.” (via umairhaquediary)


Photoset: 6 Mile West and Grand River. Detroit.

Talk to the hand.

8-Ball. I’m terrible with instruments.

We Shall Overcome. Close-up and backed up. As seen at Lahser and Grand River in Old Redford. If the signs the men are holding (“I AM A MAN”) look familiar, they should. This same shot appears in the mural at the Birwood Wall off Eight Mile.

God Bless America. This mural went up at Mini Mart Specialty Meats, at West McNichols, after 9/11.

Trayvon Martin, remembered. This is the second Trayvon Martin piece I’ve seen in Detroit. The other was on Gratiot and I-94 in the East Side.

The Detroit Tiger. As seen on Lahser. There was more than one tiger in the area.

Bunny Rabbit. Lahser.

Nothing Gold Can Stay. This mural, at the defunct Comfort Zone Jazz Club on 6 Mile West, was put up in 1996. Not even 20 years later, it has all but faded away.

At the Cross. Lahser and Grand River. Artist Village.

An oldie but goodie. Grand River meets 6 Mile west.


Coming soon: Down I-94 photobooks.
No, they won’t be this size. Yes, they will be worth your money.


Coming soon: Down I-94 photobooks.

No, they won’t be this size. Yes, they will be worth your money.



South University and the Diag. As seen in Ann Arbor.

Danger. As seen in an alley on South University.

When Marimba Rhythms start to play…

Duck Dog.

Life is a Flower.

Hands and Feet.

Whitewashing “the Other.”

If you want to make history, create the future. If you want to be immortalized, appear in mural form.

You Are Here. Where does campus start and downtown Ann Arbor end? Great question.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Gandhi and Evil. Wait, what?

No, really. This tree honors Mahatma Gandhi, blessed be he.



Joy Road. 2 Mile. As seen on Detroit’s west side.

Car Culture: The end result. As seen on Epworth.


The Moving Violation ran aground long ago, if the non-potted plants growing inside of it are to be trusted.

Jesus. He paid for it all. As seen at the Joy Road Ship of Zion.

Inexplicably, there was something called the Soldier Boy Market on Joy Road. Not to be confused with Soulja Boy.

Yes, the Obama Gas Station, at Joy and Prevost, is a real thing. Pretty decent gas prices too. This is the New Normal talking.

Rouge Park, part 1.

Rouge Park, part 2. Eat your veggies, Detroit.



All over the map. As seen in Detroit, Ferndale and Ann Arbor.

Jane Tenbroeck, 1917-2000. As seen at First United Methodist, at South State and East Washington, Ann Arbor.

Distress. As seen on Cardoni, off East Eight Mile.

They’re Red Hot. Mural at Detroit Fire Engine 1.

No Standing. Saint Andrew’s Hall. As seen on East Congress. Downtown Detroit.

Lions and Red Wings and Tigers (not pictured), oh my! As seen on Grand River.

Welcome to Grandmont Rosedale. As seen on Grand River. Detroit’s west side.

Unisex. As seen at Slows 2 Go, on the Cass Corridor.

Starstruck. As seen on 9 Mile, downtown Ferndale.

Blessed Is He. As seen at Rosa Parks, on the west side.

City Lights. As seen in Ann Arbor, at Lucky Kitchen on East University. By Katie Halton.



I will build my church. Detroit. The West Side.

Anyone think that some of the writing here looks familiar? I’m not the Motor City Muckraker or anything, but I do find the similarities and the preachy tone of this “church” and Protest Park at Eight Mile and Cardoni. Interesting.

If you’re looking to join services anytime soon, though…not so much. As seen at Elmhurst and Rosa Parks Boulevard. 12th Street.

Putting our best foot forward. This mural, by Mr. Infinity, imagines Detroit in the best of times: Tigers games, casinos, good government. It’s even a sunny day.

Sam’s Pharmacy. Fenkell. Been around, in the same hands, for 80 years. For my money, this is the coolest looking building in Detroit. What’s yours?

Joe Louis has been gone for decades, but in Detroit he is immortal.


Jesus Is Lord Over Detroit. As seen on I-75 North, between 6 Mile and 7 Mile.
Jesus, you will recall, is also Lord over Lenawee County.


Jesus Is Lord Over Detroit. As seen on I-75 North, between 6 Mile and 7 Mile.

Jesus, you will recall, is also Lord over Lenawee County.

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